Destination Media is your destination to get latest updates of the media world.Plus it will also contain my views on the latest & sometimes old happenings about the media. I will be happy if can share your views as well but criticism for the sake of criticism is not welcome 🙂


4 Responses to “About Destination Media”

  1. Zeeshan Says:

    Hey! Nice site. And the name is really cool 😉

    All the best

  2. anAx Says:

    good effort keep it up..

  3. salam , i love pak army . inshallah i join pakarmy. please you talk about this with cheap of army staff to select me in pak army.sahab ahmad khan from dargai

  4. Rajesh Shah Says:

    Infact its a heritage prog. It reminds me of the fact how close our two nations are in common culturally but very far from each other . Mian saheb i love to watch you ,Iffat and I am sorry I forgot the neme of host who conducted Hina’s episode .

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