Fariha Pervez – Coming Back After 5 Years

October 16, 2010

Fariha Pervez

Blasting off with Patang Baaz Sajna in 1996, Fariha Pervez is now all set to release her 7th album.

After the success of her 1st album Nice & Naughty, Fariha Pervez has released 6 albums so far of which her 6th album Passion was released in 2005.

Now about Fariha’s new album, as per my information there are 4 videos from this album. Of which the video of the title track of the album Abhi Abhi was released a couple of years ago.

While 3 more videos of the songs Nach Dila, Yeh Dil Bolay & Mahiya Tere Pyar are made & are all set for the release.

Besides Abhi Abhi I’ve heard two other songs from this album, Nach Dila & Mahiya Tere Pyar. Nach Dila has a funky beat to it, here have a listen to Nach Dila. While Mahiya Tere Pyar has a slow soft melody. Other than these songs, Fariha Pervez has also payed a tribute to Michael Jackson in her new album.

Sajjad Ali, Shuja Haider , Ahsan Pervaiz & Sahir Ali Bagga have contributed in this album while the videos of Yeh Dil Bolay & Mahiya Tere Pyar have been made by Sohail Javed.

The album is complete and is all set for release.

News Source:  Fariha Pervez Official Facebook Page


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