Hey all I am very thankful to the people who appreciated this idea and the 1st part of this series. Now I am here with the PART 2 of ” Musicians Missing In Action Series” & will be discussing 2 more singers who are missing in action. Hope you guys like it 🙂


Imik released his first album by the title of ZAMANA BADLAY GA in 2005 under Sadaf Stereo.  The unplugged version of Piya which was the very 1st video from Imik’s side & it became quite popular. Personally I like the song.

The song was also COPIED by India in a soap but original is always the best. Check out the copied version of the song so you guys can see which one is better 🙂

Videos of Akhiyan Mila Lay & Sohni Kuri were also released. I am not sure but I do remember faintly that he also released the video of the title track of the album Zamana Badlay Ga.


Imik is out of the scene but there is “Unconfirmed” news that Imik is working on his 2nd album which will be released in Summer.

Click here to listen Imik’s ZAMANA BADLAY GA – Full Album.


Farah Hassan started off with her song Sarota from her debut album SAIYAAN which was released under Sadaf Stereo not sure but it was 6-7 years ago. The song is nice & I like the lyrics 🙂

2 more videos were released from this album Nachna Nachana & Thaiya Thaiya after Sarota. Nachna Nachana is mehndi song so the video is also based on that. While Thaiya Thaiya shows the story of a wife whose husband flirts with another woman.

After Saiyaan, Farah Hassan also released her 2nd album by the name of DIL DOL DA under BMN Records. The only video I saw on tv was of Mastiyan. The song is good but my opinion on the video – Average.In the clip below the 1st video is of Farah Hassan’s Mastiyan.

Click here to listen Farah Hassan’s SAIYAAN – Full Album.

Click here to listen Farah Hassan’s DIL DOL DA – Full Album.

Thankyou for checking out the 2nd part of this series but this is not finished yet. Keep visiting as there are more “Musicians Missing In Action” to discuss 😉


Ladies & gentlemen Sikandar Sanam, a great comedian also known for making his own versions of Indian movies is now back in action with his own version of Salman Khan’s Dabangg. Do check it everyone 🙂



















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Vichora (Album) By Ali Abbas

February 14, 2011

So finally the name of Ali Abbas’s album becomes public. Vichora – Yes Ali AbbasVichora is the album title & this track is my personal favorite from the 3 songs which were previewed on his official page. So far I am loving the way the album is going. According the official page the album will be released soon.As for now the full version of the 3 songs are now available on youtube. Check them out.






3 – Vichora – Title Track of The Album :


I have added this “To My Buy List” . Have you ? 🙂


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In this “Musicians Missing In Action Series”  I would do my best to mention a few names of the Pakistan Music Industry which are missing in action for quite some time now.And will be also be sharing there work. Hope you guys like it 🙂

Lets start with female singers first as they are few.

1: Tayyaba Zubair:

Tayyaba Zubair one fine vocals, perfect voice for singing in films (sadly it can’t happen in Pakistan). Saw her for the 1st time when she sang the very famous Chik Taan Layi by none other than Masood Rana (Film Bharia Mela 1966).

Then she released her debut  album RANJHANA & so its video not sure but I think it was released in 2004. The song is quite catchy ( Don’t know about you guys but for me it is).

The 2nd video she released was the remix version of the very famous Sonay De Taveetari by Madam Noor Jahan.

The song which I love the most is Haye Mera Dil. Used to come on tv alot when Indus Music was in action. Check it out.


Listen To Tayyaba Zubair’s album RANJHANA by Clicking HERE.


The 2nd singer which I am going to discuss in my post is Seher who first came into the industry via Indus Music with her Patriotic Song Jeena Yahan from her one and only album Milan

. 4 more videos were released from this album including Sajna, Choti Se Baatoun, Dil Dharkay & Bheega Bheega Mausam making the number of videos to 5 in total from her debut album Milan.

However A song from her 2nd album “PAL” was released which was a tribute to Nazia Hassan. But for some what reason the album was never released.


Listen Seher’s album MILAN by clicking HERE.

This is the end of the 1st part of this series, more parts are yet to come so keep visiting 🙂

The long awaited album of Ali Zafar “Jhoom” is finally getting released on 14th February 2011. Check out the video teaser  & do join his official fan page by clicking HERE 🙂



JHOOM Video Teaser:


Ali Abbas no doubt a brilliant singer, is all set to release his album.  Preview of the 3 Ali Abbassongs from his upcoming album were posted on his official page a few days back. From which Vichora is my personal favorite.  From the 3, full version of Mahi Ve is now available on youtube. Do check out his songs. They are a must listen.  Best wishes to Ali Abbas from my side for his album 🙂

Click HERE to listen the songs from Ali Abbas’s upcoming album.

Check Out Mahi Ve – Full Version

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