Chand Kay Paas – Sohail Haider – OST – Express Entertainment

January 6, 2012


One Response to “Chand Kay Paas – Sohail Haider – OST – Express Entertainment”

  1. My humble appreciation and respect to Mian Yousef Salahuddin Sahib for his life time dedication and contribution for Urdu language, reviving Mughals, Islamic heritage, culture and a disciplined life style era of India sub-continent. My request, can anyone help me with source to obtain “Versa” albums performed by talented artists organized by Mian Sahib (Reminds me Mr. Yousef Khan Sahib “Dilip Kumar” of Bollywood). Currently, there is no source in India to get such a valuable albums of class Urdu Poetry. Appreciate if someone reply thru email the source to buy CDs or DVDs collection either to be delivered in India or availability to buy in Dubai, UK, Saudi Arabia or in India for Urdu and heritage lovers all over the world. My sincere praise for this beautiful program with remarkable dedication and I find short of words to praise Mian Sahib efforts.
    Best Regards.

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